Dear LFM Corporate family,

Worldwide, the increase in cases of OVID-19 is having a major impact. We are in this battle together, and so it is everyone's responsibility to take appropriate precautions to try to mitigate the spread of the new coronavirus.

As we experience a worldwide increase in new cases every day, we remain committed to providing exceptional service to all our customers. To this end, the following preventive measures have been taken:

- All employees are required to wear a mask, use disinfectant gel, a minimum distance of one metre between people, regularly wash their hands and check the temperature whenever they enter the premises;

- Employees are divided into shifts and it is mandatory to clean and disinfect the spaces after each use;

- To facilitate this, we have also implemented several disinfection points spread throughout the company;

- All events organised by the LFM Corporate group are suspended;

- All face-to-face visits to LFM Corporate headquarters have been cancelled, being replaced by meetings via skype or another digital channel;

- In an event of any suspicion that endangers the health of the employees, immediate measures will be taken, adapted to each situation and the functions involved.

- All our employees may have to work remotely (Home Office) if their work permits. Those whose duties require them to be in the workplace must follow all external and internal guidelines;

- All personal contacts and travel between departments, including to the production hall, are reduced to what is strictly necessary;

- Our Customer Support and Sales Team remain available through the usual channels and schedules, ready to help you adapt your business in these challenging times;

At this time our priority is the safety of all our customers and employees, the production of their products will continue to function, however, due to all the measures described above and the constant changes in standards and guidelines passed by the WHO and the Portuguese government the usual production deadlines may not be respected.

The outbreak has an impact on both our laboratory and the transporters as well, so all production and delivery times while the outbreak of COVID-19 is only expected to last and the brand cannot guarantee its compliance.

We can only appeal to you to place your orders as early as possible and to follow all indications from the competent authorities so that together we overcome this challenge quickly.

We are sure that we will win this battle.

The DreambooksPro/Onelab Pro team